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Firearms Application - Haworth Police

Firearms I.D. Card/Handgun Purchase Permit Applicants

In order to better serve you we ask that you please contact P.O. Thomas Reinecke at 201-384-1900 or via email at treinecke@haworthnj.org to make an appointment for all Firearms I.D. Card/Handgun Purchase Permit application requests.

To expedite the application process you may complete an online application located at https://www.njsp.org/firearms/fars.shtml.

Once at the aforementioned website click on the blue link labeled https://njportal.com/NJSP/FARS. This will bring you to the next page where you click the orange link for Online S.T.S. Form and enter ORI Number NJ0022600 in the space provided and click the orange Continue button.

Please follow all the next steps for completing the application for an Initial Firearms ID and/or permit to purchase a handgun (Note: You may apply for a maximum of 3 Handgun Purchase Permits at one time)
*NOTE!!! You must fill out the following forms accurately with all legal name/pedigree information or the application will be rejected by the New Jersey State Police*

Kindly refrain from submitting any firearms related documentation or application fees unless directed to do so by the investigating officer.